v. & n.
1 tr. & intr. move around a point or axis so that the point or axis remains in a central position; give a rotary motion to or receive a rotary motion (turned the wheel; the wheel turns; the key turns in the lock).
2 tr. & intr. change in position so that a different side, end, or part becomes outermost or uppermost etc.; invert or reverse or cause to be inverted or reversed (turned inside out; turned it upside down).
3 a tr. give a new direction to (turn your face this way). b intr. take a new direction (turn left here; my thoughts have often turned to you).
4 tr. aim in a certain way (turned the hose on them).
5 intr. & tr. (foll. by into) change in nature, form, or condition to (turned into a dragon; then turned him into a frog; turned the book into a play).
6 intr. (foll. by to) a apply oneself to; set about (turned to doing the ironing). b have recourse to; begin to indulge in habitually (turned to drink; turned to me for help). c go on to consider next (let us now turn to your report).
7 intr. & tr. become or cause to become (turned hostile; has turned informer; your comment turned them angry).
8 a tr. & intr. (foll. by against) make or become hostile to (has turned them against us). b intr. (foll. by on, upon) become hostile to; attack (suddenly turned on them).
9 intr. (of hair or leaves) change colour.
10 intr. (of milk) become sour.
11 intr. (of the stomach) be nauseated.
12 intr. (of the head) become giddy.
13 tr. cause (milk) to become sour, (the stomach) to be nauseated, or (the head) to become giddy.
14 tr. translate (turn it into French).
15 tr. move to the other side of; go round (turned the corner).
16 tr. pass the age or time of (he has turned 40; it has now turned 4 o'clock).
17 intr. (foll. by on) depend on; be determined by (it all turns on the weather tomorrow).
18 tr. send or put into a specified place or condition; cause to go (was turned loose; turned the water out into a basin).
19 tr. perform (a somersault etc.) with rotary motion.
20 tr. remake (a garment or, esp., a sheet) putting the worn outer side on the inside.
21 tr. make (a profit).
22 tr. divert (a bullet).
23 tr. blunt (the edge of a knife, slot of a screw-head, etc.).
24 tr. shape (an object) on a lathe.
25 tr. give an (esp. elegant) form to (turn a compliment).
26 intr. Golf begin the second half of a round.
27 tr. (esp. as turned adj.) Printing invert (type) to make it appear upside down (a turned comma).
28 tr. pass round (the flank etc. of an army) so as to attack it from the side or rear.
29 intr. (of the tide) change from flood to ebb or vice versa.
1 the act or process or an instance of turning; rotary motion (a single turn of the handle).
2 a a changed or a change of direction or tendency (took a sudden turn to the left). b a deflection or deflected part (full of twists and turns).
3 a point at which a turning or change occurs.
4 a turning of a road.
5 a change of the tide from ebb to flow or from flow to ebb.
6 a change in the course of events.
7 a tendency or disposition (is of a mechanical turn of mind).
8 an opportunity or obligation etc. that comes successively to each of several persons etc. (your turn will come; my turn to read).
9 a short walk or ride (shall take a turn in the garden).
10 a short performance on stage or in a circus etc.
11 service of a specified kind (did me a good turn).
12 purpose (served my turn).
13 colloq. a momentary nervous shock or ill feeling (gave me quite a turn).
14 Mus. an ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.
15 one round in a coil of rope etc.
16 Printing a inverted type as a temporary substitute for a missing letter. b a letter turned wrong side up.
17 a Brit. the difference between the buying and selling price of stocks etc. b a profit made from this.
Phrases and idioms:
at every turn continually; at each new stage etc. by turns in rotation of individuals or groups; alternately. in turn in succession; one by one. in one's turn when one's turn or opportunity comes. not know which way (or where) to turn be completely at a loss, unsure how to act, etc. not turn a hair see HAIR. on the turn
1 changing.
2 (of milk) becoming sour.
3 at the turning-point.
out of turn
1 at a time when it is not one's turn.
2 inappropriately; inadvisedly or tactlessly (did I speak out of turn?). take turns (or take it in turns) act or work alternately or in succession. to a turn (esp. cooked) to exactly the right degree etc. turn about move so as to face in a new direction.
turn-about n.
1 an act of turning about.
2 an abrupt change of policy etc. turn and turn about alternately. turn around esp. US = turn round. turn away 1 turn to face in another direction.
2 refuse to accept; reject.
3 send away.
turn back
1 begin or cause to retrace one's steps.
2 fold back. turn one's back on see BACK. turn-bench a watchmaker's portable lathe. turn-buckle a device for tightly connecting parts of a metal rod or wire. turn-cap a revolving chimney-top.
turn the corner
1 pass round it into another street.
2 pass the critical point in an illness, difficulty, etc. turn a deaf ear see DEAF.
turn down
1 reject (a proposal, application, etc.).
2 reduce the volume or strength of (sound, heat, etc.) by turning a knob etc.
3 fold down.
4 place downwards. turn-down (of a collar) turned down. turn one's hand to see HAND. turn a person's head see HEAD. turn an honest penny see HONEST.
turn in
1 hand in or return.
2 achieve or register (a performance, score, etc.).
3 colloq. go to bed in the evening.
4 fold inwards.
5 incline inwards (his toes turn in).
6 colloq. abandon (a plan etc.). turn in one's grave see GRAVE(1).
turn off
1 a stop the flow or operation of (water, electricity, etc.) by means of a tap, switch, etc. b operate (a tap, switch, etc.) to achieve this.
2 a enter a side-road. b (of a side-road) lead off from another road.
3 colloq. repel; cause to lose interest (turned me right off with their complaining).
4 dismiss from employment.
turn-off n.
1 a turning off a main road.
2 colloq. something that repels or causes a loss of interest. turn of speed the ability to go fast when necessary.
turn on
1 a start the flow or operation of (water, electricity, etc.) by means of a tap, switch, etc. b operate (a tap, switch, etc.) to achieve this.
2 colloq. excite; stimulate the interest of, esp. sexually.
3 tr. & intr. colloq. intoxicate or become intoxicated with drugs. turn-on n. colloq. a person or thing that causes (esp. sexual) arousal. turn on one's heel see HEEL(1).
turn out
1 expel.
2 extinguish (an electric light etc.).
3 dress or equip (well turned out).
4 produce (manufactured goods etc.).
5 empty or clean out (a room etc.).
6 empty (a pocket) to see the contents.
7 colloq. a get out of bed. b go out of doors.
8 colloq. assemble; attend a meeting etc.
9 (often foll. by to + infin. or that + clause) prove to be the case; result (turned out to be true; we shall see how things turn out).
10 Mil. call (a guard) from the guardroom.
turn over
1 reverse or cause to reverse vertical position; bring the under or reverse side into view (turn over the page).
2 upset; fall or cause to fall over.
3 a cause (an engine) to run. b (of an engine) start running.
4 consider thoroughly.
5 (foll. by to) transfer the care or conduct of (a person or thing) to (a person) (shall turn it all over to my deputy; turned him over to the authorities).
6 do business to the amount of (turns over pound5000 a week). turn over a new leaf improve one's conduct or performance.
turn round
1 turn so as to face in a new direction.
2 a Commerce unload and reload (a ship, vehicle, etc.). b receive, process, and send out again; cause to progress through a system.
3 adopt new opinions or policy.
turn-round n.
1 a the process of loading and unloading. b the process of receiving, processing, and sending out again; progress through a system.
2 the reversal of an opinion or tendency. turn the scales see SCALE(2). turn the tables see TABLE. turn tail turn one's back; run away. turn the tide reverse the trend of events. turn to set about one's work (came home and immediately turned to). turn to account see ACCOUNT. turn turtle see TURTLE.
turn up
1 increase the volume or strength of (sound, heat, etc.) by turning a knob etc.
2 place upwards.
3 discover or reveal.
4 be found, esp. by chance (it turned up on a rubbish dump).
5 happen or present itself; (of a person) put in an appearance (a few people turned up late).
6 colloq. cause to vomit (the sight turned me up).
7 shorten (a garment) by increasing the size of the hem.
turn-up n.
1 Brit. the lower turned up end of a trouser leg.
2 colloq. an unexpected (esp. welcome) happening; a surprise.
Etymology: OE tyrnan, turnian f. L tornare f. tornus lathe f. Gk tornos lathe, circular movement: prob. reinforced in ME f. OF turner, torner

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